Personal Coaching

Our personal coaches offer assessment, programming and one-to-one coaching.

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Presentations & Workshops

Workshops, Presentations and Health & Fitness Day Retreats.

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Obstacle Course

The 10-acre course comprises of 30 stations and is one of the best workouts ever!

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Gym Membership

A small and friendly boutique gym with a range of equipment.

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Welcome to Take Shape

We are a health and performance consultancy set up in 2002 at Brewerstreet Dairy.  Our philosophy is a mix of holistic health and high performance sports science developed from 20 years of experience working with hundreds of clients and from training with experts from around the world, in particular The Chek Institute.

Takeshape offers health and fitness services for individuals (couch potatoes to elite athletes), teams, schools, friends and workplaces.  

Our sports performance training uses the latest sports science and a whole athlete approach.  Our health and fitness coaching achieve results in the shortest possible time through in-depth assessment and simple to follow, friendly and fun programming.  We developed Cognitive Movement Therapy (CMT) for enhanced rehabilitation and degenerative disease / age slowing.

Our obstacle course provides a fun and functional experience for children and adults, testing the unfit to the super fitness elite.  With over 30 obstacles in 10 acres of beautiful countryside you can’t fail to be motivated. 

Our presentations and workshops use our experience to mix the sports science with the latest holistic theories and bring them straight to your team in a practicable way.

We also have a small gym membership for a maximum of 3 people using the gym at a time.