Injury: Smart rehab.

Pain is unpleasant and stops you doing what you want to do.  However, the best way to approach pain is not to just ‘treat’ and eliminate it, it is to understand it and use it a as teacher.  The body moves away from pain, so if you are in pain the body has made a lot of compensation already.

What have you been doing to cause the problem which has resulted in compensations which has lead to the pain?  If you can understand the cause you can address the real problem you’ll achieve long-term freedom from pain.

From this broad perspective all injury is over-training.  Or, another way of saying over-training is under-recovering.

Rehabilitation – ways to speed up recovery:

Work around the problem.  By activating muscles near the pain this helps strengthen (and repair) the painful muscles.

Move the painful muscles but not so much to make the pain worse.  This tells your body to prioritise resources to heal the […]