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11th Sep 2020

Don’t Fight Disease, Build Health

What is clear from the Coronavirus pandemic is that if you are healthy, if your immune system is working well, you have nothing to fear from the virus.

Building your immune system is not about quick fix approaches but, with some basic information and some great application techniques, it is simple to do.  Many health programmes aim to make you robust, resilient and able to fight against stress and disease.  If you are robust you will be able able to fight off all stresses apart from the really big one, when all your defences will crumble, like sea defences in a tsunami.  But, what if the sea defences got bigger and stronger with each wave?  At Takeshape, we carefully balance a programme so you can align your body and build your immune system defences to get stronger and stronger with the stresses of everyday life.  This starts with the daily modifiable, foundational principles of health below:


  • Move your body everyday (NEAT)
  • […]

24th Mar 2020

COVID-19 Isolation Thrival

This could go two ways.
Potentially, this could be a wonderful opportunity for some extra care attention on your well-being.  Most people do too much – lots of fight/flight and not enough rest/digest/repair.  However, the extra stress and ‘end of the world’ thinking could have the opposite effect – a few extra alcoholic drinks, more coffee, TV and internet consumption later at night, media consumption, more sugary treats, trying too get every job done in the house…I have attached the circles of health to help you.
Negative emotions are particularly damaging to your health and therefore your immune system. Health is all about cellular regeneration.  This process is enhanced when times are good but the opposite when times are bad.  Unfortunately, fear and isolation are possibly the two worst things for your health as they impair cellular regeneration.  I have attached the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale that might help you work to more positive emotions and thus […]

21st Jan 2020

Sports Performance Training Tips

Train the human athlete first before the sports specific athlete.

Do not try too hard to replicate exact sporting movements as they will never be exact and if you train too much of one thing you will become relatively weaker in the actual game movement.

Much of the training will be compensating for the postural biases of the sport (to make you back to being a better human athlete).

Assess and train your weaker links.  Audit your competences against those key to the sport and train the biggest gap. 

Train more complicated movements than needed so it’s easy (less energy using) to do the real thing.

Seasonalise/periodise your training plan per year / event block cycle.  This means focussing on a different aspect of fitness at different times for example you do not want to build strength at the same time as endurance.

All training must (progressively) convert into functional game skills. Olympic lifting […]

7th Jan 2020

Weight Loss – Forget Calorie Counting

95% of people put back on the weight lost in a diet within 3 years 

90% of these people put on more

In fact the only scientifically guaranteed way to put on weight, is to go on a diet!

Problem or Symptom?

Being overweight is our body’s way of telling us that it is out of balance and that we need to change something in our lifestyle.  Most obese people are, actually, malnourished.  Their body is not receiving the right nutrients for optimum health and so sends hunger signals to the brain to keep eating.  

Similarly, many people are overweight because their body is under too much stress, stimulating too much adrenalin which suppress bodies ‘rest & repair’ functions such as digestion, sleep, blood sugar regulation.  Exercise will release more adrenalin.

Find the cause and address that rather than trying to force weight loss.

“In other words, the less you eat, the less […]