COVID-19 Isolation Thrival

This could go two ways.
Potentially, this could be a wonderful opportunity for some extra care attention on your well-being.  Most people do too much – lots of fight/flight and not enough rest/digest/repair.  However, the extra stress and ‘end of the world’ thinking could have the opposite effect – a few extra alcoholic drinks, more coffee, TV and internet consumption later at night, media consumption, more sugary treats, trying too get every job done in the house…I have attached the circles of health to help you.
Negative emotions are particularly damaging to your health and therefore your immune system. Health is all about cellular regeneration.  This process is enhanced when times are good but the opposite when times are bad.  Unfortunately, fear and isolation are possibly the two worst things for your health as they impair cellular regeneration.  I have attached the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale that might help you work to more positive emotions and thus […]