Don’t Fight Disease, Build Health

What is clear from the Coronavirus pandemic is that if you are healthy, if your immune system is working well, you have nothing to fear from the virus.

Building your immune system is not about quick fix approaches but, with some basic information and some great application techniques, it is simple to do.  Many health programmes aim to make you robust, resilient and able to fight against stress and disease.  If you are robust you will be able able to fight off all stresses apart from the really big one, when all your defences will crumble, like sea defences in a tsunami.  But, what if the sea defences got bigger and stronger with each wave?  At Takeshape, we carefully balance a programme so you can align your body and build your immune system defences to get stronger and stronger with the stresses of everyday life.  This starts with the daily modifiable, foundational principles of health below:


  • Move your body everyday (NEAT)
  • […]