Ollie Martin

Ollie set up Take Shape at Brewerstreet Dairy in 2002 to help people become fitter and healthier. He is a sports scientist, a CHEK Practitioner and a holistic health coach.  He has a background in elite sport as a semi-pro rugby union player and is a passionate skier.  He has also authored two books:  Ski Fitness and Uncommon Sense: A Practical Guide for Health, Weight Loss & Vitality.

Ollie specialises in helping people perform to their highest level, increase their vitality and have fun in the process. Whether you have backpain, excess bodyfat, lacking energy or are training for a specific event or sport, Ollie starts your programme at the right level for you and works, with you, to progress through each stage in the optimum timescale.

Many of Ollie’s clients have tried a conventional approach of train harder, eat less and/or take more medicine, but have not received the results they are looking for. Ollie’s coaching focuses on the ‘person with the problem, not the problem with person’ ensuring a truly personal, results driven and sustainable programme. Rather than a set approach that you need to comply with to get results, Ollie uses his 20 years of learning and experience to build a programme that works for you.

Main Qualifications:
BSc. (Hons.) Sport Science
CHEK Practitioner
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
American College of Sports Medicine Instructor
JDA Tai Chi for Health
Dr Kucera Heart Rate Variability training

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Ollie’s books available on Amazon:


“Ollie Martin has done the world a great favor by distilling health and wellness down into those key topics and bits of information that should be “common sense”, but sadly, are not today.  Those wanting a straight forward book to guide them into living well will be pleased with this simple, easy to apply book written by a truly skilled Chek Institute trained Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and excellent athlete.”

Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practitioner
Founder, C.H.E.K Institute


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