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3rd Jun 2019


At Take Shape we are one of the few non-professional sports clubs to offer FITLIGHT assessment and training for speed, agility and cognitive movement.

The FITLIGHTS are used as targets for the user to deactivate as per the reaction training routine. Various measurements can be captured for immediate feedback in relation to the user’s performance or can later be downloaded to a central computer for future analysis. During any type of training, specifically speed and agility training, the lights can be deactivated by use of the users’ hands, feet, head, or sport/fitness related equipment, either through full contact or proximity with this revolutionary reaction training system.

FITLIGHT Trainer for Sports Performance 

  • Sports Specific High Performance Training
  • Enhanced Reaction and Response Time
  • Improved speed, agility, stamina, conditioning, coordination and visual cognitive processing functions
  • Sports performance analysis to track and monitor […]
7th Feb 2019


I first heard the term ‘antifragile’ from Nassim Taleb’s book ‘Antifragile’ and I realised is exactly how we transform clients at Takeshape.

Fragile – Robust/Resilient – Antifragile

Anti-fragile is the opposite of fragile and a step further than robustness and resilience. Fragile breaks easily, robust stays strong up until a point and is then overwhelmed – the scenario of a water dam being overwhelmed by a freak and unpredicted flood. This is also exactly what happens in many peoples’ bodies. The body robustly resists illness and injury until it is overwhelmed and disease sets in. I have described this in terms of adrenal fatigue previously.

Antifragile describes a system or organism that actually gets stronger from the random (disordered) stresses that are placed on it. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same whereas the antifragile get better.

“Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive […]

9th Jan 2019

What are you waiting for?

Many people are waiting for that big health drive, that perfect week when the rest of your life will be on hold so you can focus on your health. Well that rarely happens, and even if it does you get better, long-term results by implementing a few changes into your current lifestyle right now.

This works because it is sustainable as it creates virtuous circles of healthy actions, all helping each other and making it easier for you to choose healthier options. This is opposed to vicious circles of negative health actions – one chocolate bar / or beer leads to another.

create virtuous circles of healthy actions

The Health Retreat

Anyone can be healthy of a retreat but it only lasts a week or two!  Our challenge is to build health into our present lifestyles.

The Fitness Challenge

Such a running a marathon. This can be great for motivation but often leads to injury and illness due to overtraining (under-recovering because of […]

10th Oct 2018

Lifestyle before Pills – In-sourcing Healthcare

Rather than complementary/holistic versus conventional/allopathic I prefer to categorise healthcare according to what you can do for yourself versus what other people can do for you.  By outsourcing your health to other people you are taking a risk with your life.  Medical intervention is the number three cause of death according to the medical world! (Number one cause of death according to the complementary world).

Furthermore, people seem to use ‘holistic’ approaches in the same way as they would use a medical drug from a doctor.  For example, a specific herb to treat a skin condition, Osteopathy for backpain, acupuncture for a shoulder injury etc.  These can certainly help without the unwanted side-effects of conventional medicine but, this is treating symptoms which will only ever lead to short term and temporary improvement, and not address the underlying cause.

We have been conditioned to medicalise our health even to the extent of language such ‘walking in the forest is medicine’ – […]

4th Sep 2018

Let’s Talk Dirty

Could being too clean and hygienic cause cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, heart disease not to mention being overweight and obesity disease?  We now also have modern diseases never seen before such as autism, auto-immune disease, depression, anxiety but throughout evolution we didn’t have anti-bacterial products and we didn’t have chemicals  – we did have dirt!

Only about 2% of microbes are harmful to us and the best way to control these is through the flourishing of the other 98%

Let me introduce you to your mitochondria and your microbiome as these are the key to your health, longevity and vitality.


The energy powerhouses. You have in the region of 100 quadrillion (that’s 1 and 17 zeros) mitochondria in your body.  They produce energy for you meaning they are vital for your health and vitality.  You are born with a set amount through parental (maternal) lineage and you need to look after after them.


Mircobiome is the totality your microbes in your body.  […]

15th Jan 2018

Get healthy to lose weight

not lose weight to get healthy

Being overweight is a sign of metabolic imbalance, just like any other health complaint, such as dry skin, allergies, chronic fatigue, etc. We have observed that when the body chemistry normalizes, weight tends to seek its natural, normal, genetically-programmed level.

Therefore, we recommend that you seek to balance your body chemistry, improve your metabolic efficiency and build good health, rather than attempt to force your body to lose weight. Statistics show that in over 90% of such weight loss cases, excess weight will just come back, along with even more pounds than you lost in the first place, as long as the underlying cause is still there.

All the scientific evidence states that diets do not work in the long-term. This is not staggering new evidence. Over 60 years ago Ancel Keys researched calorie restriction diets and found that when the diet ended not only did participants put […]

29th Nov 2017

Core & Back Strength

“a bad back is a weak core”

Rather than use the terms core stability or back care I’d rather talk about the strength of both. There is nothing wrong with caring for your back or a stable core but it gives the wrong impression of how the body really works.

The best core exercises are total body exercises such as movements found in sports or functional exercises e.g. a squat. However, for many people, rehabilitation of the core is needed before it works properly in these total body movements. In fact it is dangerous to do functional exercises without a fully functioning core, hence the injury rate rate in activities such as Crossfit.

Core training is best as a continuum of progressive training such as:

Core activation – generally mat based exercises
Core coordination – pressure/biofeedback monitoring – see below
Core Stability – often with a stability ball
Core Mobility
Core Strength
Functional Exercise – generally standing
Fun training – often in the air
Daily life / Sports
& then back to the […]

10th Oct 2017

15th Birthday

Takeshape Health is 15 years old this October!

In this time I’ve seen all sorts of health and fitness crazes / fads come and go, such as ab rollers, insanity, power plate etc. Also, ideas that were laughed at initially that are now mainstream such as gluten free, free weight training. Furthermore other ideas, such as saturated fat and breathing techniques helping you lose weight are still to take hold!

The key element I have taken is that, although theories and ideas change, the body doesn’t. We evolve 0.01% every 100,00 years and there are some keys concepts such as daily movement and nourishing food that we just can’t get away from. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix!

The problem is that we are attracted to the quick fix promise of ’10 minute abs’, ’10 day fat loss’ etc. The trick is to appeal to need for early results to help our motivation but […]

29th Aug 2017


Values are your compass in life whether they are conscious or unconscious. Values drive thoughts, words, deeds. They shape your perception, your choices, your actions and how you feel. Values reflect your purpose, what you have come to learn in your lifetime.

Values determine how you spend your most time and most money as well as your discipline, commitment and focus – all very important when you want to get healthier. They also determine where you spend these the least.

‘invariably you run out of time/energy/money/resources for that which is
least value to you’

The challenges you face are when you are not clear about your values. If you are not living your own values (either consciously or unconsciously) and are trying fulfil someone else’s or society’s values, you will have inner conflict and incoherence. This causes tiredness, anxiety, depression.

Values are reflected by body/mind relationship and lead to symptoms and […]