Takeshape Health is 15 years old this October!

In this time I’ve seen all sorts of health and fitness crazes / fads come and go, such as ab rollers, insanity, power plate etc. Also, ideas that were laughed at initially that are now mainstream such as gluten free, free weight training. Furthermore other ideas, such as saturated fat and breathing techniques helping you lose weight are still to take hold!

The key element I have taken is that, although theories and ideas change, the body doesn’t. We evolve 0.01% every 100,00 years and there are some keys concepts such as daily movement and nourishing food that we just can’t get away from. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix!

The problem is that we are attracted to the quick fix promise of ’10 minute abs’, ’10 day fat loss’ etc. The trick is to appeal to need for early results to help our motivation but also to plan for the body we want in 10 years time.

“What do you want to do with your body in 10 years time?”

In my 25 year coaching career I have spent a great deal of time, energy and money educating myself, each and every year, not with the latest fads, but with in depth knowledge on how the body works and how to help you, my clients/readers implement these.

This October, as a Takeshape 15th Birthday present I would like to offer you:

A Complimentary Assessment, Programme and Coaching Session (1hr) for all new members


£100 off 12 Week Coaching Package

Valid October 2017

Still reading? In fairness, most of my clients have been to see many health professionals before seeing me. The difference is treating symptoms or finding the cause. When we have pain we seek to reduce or eliminate the pain as soon as possible and there are many people out there who will offer you a variety of training techniques, therapies and drugs to do this. The pain can be anything from weight gain, unhappiness, illness, injury etc. However, the pain is simply a symptom, the body’s way of telling us that something is out of balance in our lifestyle. It is futile to treat the symptom, as this quick fix will lead to long-term pain because you will have the same pain again only twice as bad or a new pain. The key is to find the cause of the pain and change behaviour. This is how I can help you.