The quicker you get results, the less likely they are to last

Weight loss is the obvious one, with set points (see next months blog), muscle wastage, dehydration, cellular changes (to store MORE fat) and lack of long-term behaviour change. But, we also see this with fitness and the popularity of HIIT classes promising instant results. These will most likely lead to injury as you will not have had to the chance to build a foundation of biomechanical alignment, posture and core support.

What do you want to do with your body in ten years time?

Is the first question we ask at Take Shape. We then build a programme backwards from this. Before you panic, yes, you get results in just a few weeks and, no, you don’t have to pay for ten years of training! Instead we change an instant fix mindset and teach you how to sustain your own personal health and fitness programme.

95% of your mind and behaviour in unconscious 

Intrinsic motivation

A key area we look at is intrinsic or internal motivation. External motivation examples are, what people think, challenges and fitness trackers such a the new Fitbit craze. These can help but, in the long run, only achieve limited results. To get long lasting results you need to go inside and find out what really makes you tick.


Everyone has the same amount of willpower. The idea that you have no will power to sustain a health drive or that healthy people have more willpower is nonsense. Healthy people make healthy choices and build on these in a stepped and consolidation process. Embed a couple of healthy actions into your lifestyle until they become easy and automatic (and so require no will power) and then choose a couple more healthy actions.

CHEK Practitioner

Though detailed assessment of an individual (physical, mental and emotional) a CHEK Practitioner can help you start at the the right level for you and then progress you through the stepped process to achieve the results you want. From zero to hero and from somewhere in-between!