Could being too clean and hygienic cause cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, heart disease not to mention being overweight and obesity disease?  We now also have modern diseases never seen before such as autism, auto-immune disease, depression, anxiety but throughout evolution we didn’t have anti-bacterial products and we didn’t have chemicals  – we did have dirt!

Only about 2% of microbes are harmful to us and the best way to control these is through the flourishing of the other 98%

Let me introduce you to your mitochondria and your microbiome as these are the key to your health, longevity and vitality.


The energy powerhouses. You have in the region of 100 quadrillion (that’s 1 and 17 zeros) mitochondria in your body.  They produce energy for you meaning they are vital for your health and vitality.  You are born with a set amount through parental (maternal) lineage and you need to look after after them.


Mircobiome is the totality your microbes in your body.   Microbes are bacteria and viruses.  They are the ‘non-human’ part of you.  We are a walking, talking rainforest, we are full of bacteria!  Microbiota are microbes in one area of the body e.g. the gut (digestion).

Amazingly the mitochondria and mircobiome communicate with each other.  This process bypasses your brain/consciousness and keeps you healthy or not, as the case may be.  This is the reason why a consciously led calorie reduction diet will not lead to long-term weight loss and health.  Think of food as information, not calories, for your body.

‘food is information’

Gut health is key for your gene regulation and your immunity from disease.  Gut microbiota signals mitochondria that food is coming, mitochondria decides what to do with it and also mitochondria signals gut microbiota to eat food.  This two way communication is ground breaking knowledge.  The latest research in medicine is all centre-ing around the gut.  Its communication with the brain, its far reaching implications for diseases such as heart disease, cancer, depression.

We have outsourced gene regulation to the plants around us!  This is inter-species communication evolved through micro RNA’s evolved over billions of years but, change body instantly when we eat them.  This is gene expression through our food (epigenics).

We are creating our destiny every moment on a biological level with simple lifestyle choices:

  • how we move
  • how we eat
  • how we think and feel

The following are harmful to mitochondria and bacteria and should be avoided as much as possible:

  • antibiotics
  • anti-bacterial products
  • medicine
  • chemicals
  • pesticides
  • cleanliness

The following promote healthy mitochondria and bacteria:

  • organic food
  • variety of food – ‘eat the rainbow’
  • ‘The Two Bowl Diet’ – fill and eat two bowls of vegetables/salad a day
  • organic beauty products
  • movement 
  • outdoors
  • dirt