Rather than complementary/holistic versus conventional/allopathic I prefer to categorise healthcare according to what you can do for yourself versus what other people can do for you.  By outsourcing your health to other people you are taking a risk with your life.  Medical intervention is the number three cause of death according to the medical world! (Number one cause of death according to the complementary world).

Furthermore, people seem to use ‘holistic’ approaches in the same way as they would use a medical drug from a doctor.  For example, a specific herb to treat a skin condition, Osteopathy for backpain, acupuncture for a shoulder injury etc.  These can certainly help without the unwanted side-effects of conventional medicine but, this is treating symptoms which will only ever lead to short term and temporary improvement, and not address the underlying cause.

We have been conditioned to medicalise our health even to the extent of language such ‘walking in the forest is medicine’ – it’s not medicine it’s healthy! Health is about happiness and vitality and not the absence of disease.  In-sourcing health forces you to focus on health rather than focussing on disease.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity – World Health Organisation 

Benefits of Out-sourcing your health:

  • Can save or transform your life especially with trauma
  • Instant relief of pain enabling the body the better heal itself
  • Can kill disease with antibiotics (but these also kill your mitochondria – your energy producers – and the more you kill more unhealthy your become)
  • Placebo effect (we’ve been conditioned that ‘experts’ can solve our problems so we believe they do

However, it’s often expensive, unpleasant and ineffectual in the long-term and should be for occasional use only

Benefits of In-sourcing your health:

  • Taking responsibility for your health empowers you and gives you better results
  • If you do not treat symptoms with medicine and treatments you change your behaviour and thereby address the root cause of your problem
  • Illness such as a fever helps train the immune system.  Children always seem to get a fever even with a cold – this is helping train a higher functioning immune system.  We are now seeing allergies like never before.  Is this because a lack of ‘training’ (stress and favourable response) of the immune system?
  • It’s cheap and more fun
  • Use everyday

In-sourcing health – what you can do for your health each and every day:

  • Sleep 8 hours a day
  • Drink water
  • Move your body every day
  • Eat nourishing food
  • Think positively
  • Breath slowly and deeply