Many people are waiting for that big health drive, that perfect week when the rest of your life will be on hold so you can focus on your health. Well that rarely happens, and even if it does you get better, long-term results by implementing a few changes into your current lifestyle right now.

This works because it is sustainable as it creates virtuous circles of healthy actions, all helping each other and making it easier for you to choose healthier options. This is opposed to vicious circles of negative health actions – one chocolate bar / or beer leads to another.

create virtuous circles of healthy actions

The Health Retreat

Anyone can be healthy of a retreat but it only lasts a week or two!  Our challenge is to build health into our present lifestyles.

The Fitness Challenge

Such a running a marathon. This can be great for motivation but often leads to injury and illness due to overtraining (under-recovering because of the deadline). You also have the problem of what to do afterwards?

The Illness/Injury

This can be an ideal time to focus on health.  In fairness it’s easier when we’re not injured or ill but some of us need the push to make even small changes. The trick is listening to the ‘pain teacher’ and not ignoring him/her by treating/medicating the symptom.

more application less information

We are bombarded with so much health information these days much of it very good but also a lot of it contradictory advice. What we offer at Takeshape is application of the best bits of information that is monitored for success and then amended or changed as necessary.

One of the best tools is the Takeshape daily food and lifestyle diary. This works on a number of levels and is key to success of clients. From completed diaries I can provide qualitative feedback (consultations) and quantitive feedback (spreadsheets and charts for KPI’s) which, coupled with biomechanical and physiological assessment (and re-assessment), ensures progression, celebration and results.