Would you like or need help to get healthier, leaner and fitter?

If so, we have one-off assessment and programming packages, as well as, weekly and monthly personal coaching packages for you. With over 20 years coaching experience and some of the most advanced training qualifications from the CHEK Institute, Ollie can help you achieve your ideal body.

“I couldn’t recommended Take Shape enough”

We can guarantee results in:

  • Inch loss
  • Core strength & back care
  • Total body / functional fitness
  • Athlete / event assessment and programming
  • Holistic health

“I have lost loads of weight and feel great as a result of the training”

“I was in bad shape, the training has been marvellous and has inspired me to continue. The loss of a dress size has been the winning factor”

“Incredible attention to detail for my assessment and programme”

The Process

Assessment‘if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing’ – detailed assessment is the key to a personal programme that ensures results.  Assessment includes:

  • Heart Rate Variability Analysis
  • Body Composition
  • Posture / Spinal Angles
  • Movement Screening
  • Stress Index / Physiological Load
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Analysis

One-to-one coaching at Take Shape or via FaceTime/Skype:

  • It is not just doing the exercises, it is doing them with precision and perfect technique, that ensures results.

Programmes to follow on own

  • The key to your success is to help you build daily and weekly plans that fit into your lifestyle – small changes, carefully selected for you to make the most difference.

Ongoing support

  • You’re not left on your own, we help you stay on track to ensure sustainability over time.

Re-assessment and re-programming

  • Programmes need to change regularly to ensure ongoing results and progress needs to be celebrated and built upon.

But, most of all the process is friendly, fun and empowering.

“I lost 3 inches off my waist”

“I have significantly more energy when playing with my daughter”

“In 12 weeks I have lost 7cms from my waistline but, most importantly, I feel so much better with more energy and no stomach pains”

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