What do you want?

…is the first question Ollie will ask.  We will then conduct a comprehensive assessment of your biomechanics and your physiological load (the ‘stress load’ on your body) from which we will devise a programme to help you achieve what you want in the shortest possible time.  The assessment identifies your ‘weak links’ in key areas of your body and lifestyle.  We strengthen these with simple and manageable changes ensuring fantastic results.  The framework of your programme will be protocols for you to follow in five areas: Movement, Rest/Repair, Nutrition, De-tox. and Psyche.  These 5 areas also have five progressive phases for you to work through.

Ollie offers a ten hour introductory coaching package including all assessments, programming and ongoing support.  Coaching is either online or at Takeshape.

Many people think they need to get ‘fit’ first to get they most out of the coaching but this is a mistake as I can set you on the right track straight away.

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“Take Shape has helped me become a great deal healthier and fitter.  I came to Take Shape as a person who was very overweight, did no exercise and had no energy.  They give you a step by step personalised plan to help you achieve your goals and help you improve all your habits, from better sleep to improving your diet.  Ollie’s coaching was very motivational and I was amazed to learn that exercise could be enjoyable!  The facilities are great for anyone who is intimidated by the idea of going to a big crowded gym, and the obstacle course in the summer is really fun. I went from getting out of breath climbing a flight of stairs to running half marathons, and have lost over five stone along the way.  I feel like I have got a whole new lease of life – thanks to Take Shape!”  Rebecca