We use a ‘whole athlete’ approach assessing and programming athletes in the physical, nutritional, mental and emotional.

We offer testing, programming and training for individuals and teams either onsite with you or at Takeshape in Redhill, Surrey.

A bespoke protocol is designed for you from over 300 assessments and build a programme from over 2500 exercises.

Bespoke assessments and programming can include:

  • Kardivar Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis
  • FITLIGHT – Speed & Agility – Learn more
  • CHEK Core Progression
  • Sport Specific Biomotor Assessment
  • Physiological Load Assessment
  • Primal Pattern Movement screening
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Muscle Length Tension Relationship Measurements
  • Spinal Angles Inclinometer Measurements
  • Range of Motion (ROM) Measurements
  • Functional Grid Assessment
  • Body Composition
  • Weight Distribution Assessment
  • Personalised Corrective Exercise Programming
  • Sleep and Lifestyle Analysis
  • Primal Pattern Diet Assessment & Personal Nutritional Programme
  • Enhanced Recovery Programming
  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Toys: Slacklines, Surge, Inertia, Kettlebells etc
  • Obstacle Course

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Among others Ollie has been involved with: Newcastle Falcons/Gosforth Rugby Union, Technogym, London Broncos Rugby League, Barbarians Rugby, BT Swimathon, London Triathlon, FIA Commit to Get Fit and SkiFitness.TV

Amy Marwick – Professional Skier

“Ollie’s facility down in Surrey is not big, but that says nothing for the complexity of the consultation. I was intrigued when Ollie began to take measurements of tiny movements that I made, calculate strengths and weaknesses, analysing things like ankle dorsi flexion and lumbo pelvic rhythm through a series of tests.

We discovered that my lower abdominal strength and coordination was poor, an area where I always thought I was relatively strong. And that my thoracic curve was way out of wack, an indication of why I had been experiencing an ache between my shoulder blades. I was pleased that I was “very good” at dead lifting but when squatting with an overhead weight, my arms fell forward and my back became rounded. It wasn’t long before Ollie determined several key areas that needed attention.

Ollie’s theory is that you have to be fully functioning before you can start strengthening. So the first couple of weeks of my programme is to do with isolation, precision and coordination in the weak areas. It’s not like any fitness training I’ve done before and takes a lot more concentration than just battling through a circuit in gym. It’s slow and accurate, but straightforward, fresh and it gets easier to feel the areas in my body that I’m working each time I do it. I’m excited to see how it will progress and whether I see and feel a notable difference in my posture.

The next step is to build in a ‘progressive functional programme’ which builds on the small movements I’ve been working on with more familiar exercises like front squats and side lunges.”

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