Uncommon Sense Day Retreat

Summary: Learn, participate in and receive deep insight into the latest scientific and holistic theories of health and fitness from Ollie’s new book Uncommon Sense.  Practical, informative and fun with lots to takeaway from the day with a focus on: Movement, Rest, Nutrition, Toxins and Happiness.  Includes fitness sessions on the obstacle course, Tai Chi, resting postures, presentations throughout the day, worksheets and campfire discussion.

Duration: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Who: Ideal for anyone of any fitness who wants to learn more about the mind & body

Venue: Take Shape Obstacle Course

Dates: Friday 20th May 2022 (further dates coming)

Price: £150pp

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Conditioning for Running 

Summary: conditioning for running includes running specific strength programming, posture and gait analysis, corrective exercise programming, training theory, enhanced recovery technique, discussion on footwear (including minimalist), obstacle course play and fun core stability exercises.

Duration: 3 hrs

Who: Runners who want to improve performance, avoid injury and stay healthy.

Venue: Take Shape Obstacle Course

Dates:  dates TBC

Price: £75pp

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Corporate Wellness Workshops

Uncommon Sense workshop series – online or in-person

  •  1/7 UCS Introduction “6 actions to be healthier than 90% of the population”
  • 2/7 UCS Breath “Everyday Health Sequence” 
  • 3/7 UCS Thoughts “Live your dream”
  • 4/7 UCS Movement “Finding the right movement for you”
  • 5/7 UCS Nutrition “Why calories are irrelevant to your health and performance”
  • 6/7 UCS Water “Hydrate and detoxify”
  • 7/7 UCS Sleep “Hack your circadian rhythm”

From £350